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Patients are much more informed today because of media, corporate advertising, and the Internet. Physicians need to be informed of these changes in as real a time as possible. SECURTM will help you stay abreast of these changes by implementing them quickly therefore informing the user before the regulations are mandatory.

The managed care industry is the most regulated industry in America today:

  • MMC's SECURTM Practice / Surgery Center management software system is designed so that all entries are date, time, and user stamped.
  • This serves the practice in several ways:
    • First, it provides an easy to follow audit trail not only to balance each day, week, or month, but also to satisfy regulatory auditors.
    • Second, it identifies and resolves inappropriate user activities.
    • Third, it can be used to identify treatment provided and why, should a legal dispute arise.
  • All medical data entered can be appended but not removed.
  • Given that our system is Windows based, practices can use the power of the internet to keep up with all the latest changes in the managed care industry.
  • Conversion of Your Current Data
  • Relational Database Design
  • On Site Training and Support (depending on size)
  • Windows 2000, NT, and Millennium Edition
  • Pop Up Recall and Appointment Scheduler with Unlimited Physician, Office and Room Capability
  • Ability to Capture Medical Records, Chart Notes, Medication, Immunization, Vital Signs, Allergies, Reactions, Diagnostic Tracking, Encounter Forms
  • Pop Up Help Windows for Data Entry Assistance and Ease in Learning
  • Electronic Diary Notes for Patient Action, Account, Patient, Charge and Payment Notes
  • Security and Password Protection by User and Function
  • Electronic Claims and Statements

REPORTS and Administrative Functionality

  • Over 168 Reports
  • Retrieve Management Reports for Insurance Carrier Rate Analysis, Financial Analysis, Zip Code Analysis, Capitation Reviews, Procedure and Diagnostic Analysis, etc.
  • Single Screen for A / R Management (aging) of all your Accounts with Diary Notes and easy to read Color Coded Graphs
  • A/R Management that is Revolutionary in Account Problem Resolution
  • View On-screen Accounts Receivable Balances for Practice, Physicians, Accounts, etc.
  • Open Item Accounting / No More Balance Forwards
  • Procedure Code Cases (Grouped) for Simplified Data Entry
  • Comprehensive Payment Screen for Specific Charges
  • Tracks Referring Physicians, Providers, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.
  • Appointment Scheduler Supports Multiple Physicians and Locations
  • Creates Your Own Fee Slip or Super Bill (Multiple Versions Allowed)...No More Expensive Pre-Printed Forms. Receipts Can Be Generated at Time of Checkout.
  • Supports Claims for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Worker's Comp., Auto Accident, and TriCare?. Also Supports UB92 Claim Forms
  • Supports all Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare? Regulations
  • Remittance Payments Based Upon Insurance Type
  • Supports Effective and Expiration Date
  • Unlimited Fee Schedules Medicare, Medicaid, Standard, etc. Provide latest Medicare charge and allowed amounts.
  • Capitation and Managed Care support
  • Look up Account and Patient Names: Exact Name, Name Contains, Phonetic Search, Social Security Number, Birth date, Address and more- all these? See RFP we are working on.
  • Encounter Form that Provides Enough Information to Avoid Pulling File Folder
  • Document Management Support with Interface to Microsoft Word
  • Imaging Capture: Photos, Scanning, Documents, etc.
  • Generate Electronic Data Interchange for Claims, Statements, Laboratory Results
  • Create Treatment Plans for Pre-Approvals

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